Selecting a Facility

How to select the best health care for your family member can be a very confusing decision. It is important that you visit the community that you are considering. Here are a few things you might want to look for.

Are you greeted appropriately and promptly? Is the staff friendly? How accessible are the key staff for you and for the residents? How promptly are call-lights answered?

Personal Care:
Did the residents seem to be clean and appropriately dressed? Was the staff interacting well with the residents?

Was the facility well lit and free from clutter? Was the staff friendly? Are the doors locked at night? How do you obtain access after hours? Is smoking allowed in the facility? What are the smoking rules?

Are religious services offered with the activity program (both in-house and to local churches)? Is there a quiet area to meditate or to pray?

Activity / Socialization:
Are there activities scheduled and posted throughout each day? Are the activities varied to meet the desires of a variety of residents? How often do the residents have outings? How often do outside organizations visit the facility? Are the residents allowed to have their own TV/computer/ phone?

Does the facility smell clean? Does the facility appear to be clean? How is the laundry done and passed out? Is there noticeable trash or clutter left out?

Does the facility participate in the Medicare and Medicaid programs? How is billing done for private insurance? What are the extra costs? Which pharmacy serves the facility?

Other services:
What other services are available, such as podiatry, optometry, dentistry, behavioral management, beautician, etc.?

Is the therapy team able to work with the clients at their pace? Can therapy be done in the resident's room if the patient is not able to come out? Will therapy do a home visit prior to discharge to check on possible needs?

What are the visiting hours? May pets be brought in for visits? Can a meal be brought in?